Commit f8780ede authored by Sarlat Thibaud's avatar Sarlat Thibaud
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Modification de l'affichage

parent 13fac8fb
......@@ -57,11 +57,11 @@ class IO:
def print_action(self, attacker, defenser, action):
self.step += 1
print(f'=== Tour {self.step} ===')
if action[0] == 'A':
if action[0] == Action.Attaque:
print(f'\t{} attaque.\n'
f'\t{} subit {action[1]} dégat'
f'\tIl reste {} à {}')
elif action[0] == 'S':
elif action[0] == Action.Se_soigner:
print(f'\t{} se soigne de {action[1]}')
def get_action(self):
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